Credit Companies

Polonius specialise solely in purchasing debt books up to the value of £10M from credit companies. primarily those made up of customers who are in managed debt solutions, such as DMPs and IVAs.

The problem

Unsecured debt levels across the UK have increased significantly, with people taking out credit for a wide range of reasons. For credit companies this can mean:
  • Having to dedicate more of your team’s time to dealing with customers
  • Money being tied up for longer than anticipated periods
  • Short-term profits being vastly impacted

How Polonius can help

We purchase these more problematic customer accounts. Our team are experts in making this process as seamless as possible, meaning that you get the capital to re-lend to existing and new customers, or simply to alleviate any cash flow issues. We then:
  • Take on the management of the accounts
  • Plan with the customer how they’ll meet their repayments
  • Devise and track an affordable debt management solution for them
We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and treating customers fairly is at the heart of our business and everything we do. We comply and adhere to the Credit Services Association Code of Practice, which aims to promote best practice in debt collection.